did u managed to make it work? im having some trouble downloading MRPV also

u need to open ur custom scenery file, and check for a scenery pack file, it has like a tuerca on it, u open it and look for the zzz file, copy it and paste last

Mod muito bom, parabéns para todos os desenvolvedores!

Necesito ayuda, me sale un error que desconozco en xplane 12, ayuda porfavor llevo varios dias troubleshooting u nada

Impossible to download the "ZDP Library". (Cause It's impossible to log on the threshold forum to download it),

Great livery. Looking for a British Airways CEO in the future.

hello! Could you update it for xp11? thank you and very nice project

I am uncertain which file to download for aircraft version 1.7.4 in XP12 Please can you advise me.

Thanks for this great work. Now it is possible to enjoy this airport that is not easy to find.

Sorry, but in order to keep the levels of detail that I use for Burbank in order to make it the most realistic I can, I have to use those libraries.

If you manage to launch the flight and you see the plane in the default toliss livery, then all you need to do is open the toliss panel through the plugins in flight. On the main page you need to select the desired type of engines, as well as the door configuration. Try all the options, the livery will appear in one of them.

Sorry for not making a cfg file for this. To be honest, I just didn’t think there was a need.

If your problem is different, write to me in private messages.

Hello. This doesn't work in my game. There is no file: readme and livery.tlscfg

It's a pity, because liveries looks beautiful.

Maybe something can be done.

I send you my best regards and good luck !

Can you please make one without needing those libraries? I would prefer to keep my scenery folder as minimal as possible to avoid conflicting layers

I am fully aware as it is done on purpose. I never update this site immediately because I use this to distribute the "stable" versions only.

where do you put it when downloaded?

Error ADL_AT2 und rain_2k_asp.png...( X-PLANE 12)

Traz o Cenario Do Condominio Aeronautico Costa Esmeralda - SDEN De Porto belo e pensa também em trazer o cenario Do Aeroclube de Santa Catarina - SSKT . abraços . amanhã baixarei seu cenario . parabens .

Thank you very much for your magnificent work. It is the best checklist of this plane that I have found on the web. You have worked hard on it. It is also attractive and elegant.

I liked it so much that I have used it to make a fairly exhaustive Xchecklist. I'm going to upload it now. I hope you like it, but I would love your opinion and suggestions since you are an expert in this airplane model.



I believe I fixed the issue at hand few versions back.

Sorry for not replying here earlier, I forgot were I read this issue but I remembered the issue.

Hope the hovering bug is fixed and you can re-test a mission.

Отличная ливрея! Жаль что не так много людей, создающих ливреи

4.01.5 is a full install and 4_01_11 is an update. (currently 4_01_12).


Uploaded files: 0

Pretty please show us some of yours masterpiece animations. Or where we are at this - any of your contribution to flightsim community.

Hi 😊

A very nice repaint, but I haven't yet figured out how to install Carda's engines successfully to the XP12- version of the A321... I still have to use the default's NEO- engines.

Hi, Your Zibo file is for 4.01.5 and Zibo's Google drive has an update for 4_01_11.

Just thought you'd like to know.

Great site, thanks for hosting.

Good day Sir, any chance you could update this livery for the newly released X-Works A330-800neo aswell, as OY-GKN is a -841 irl? Would be most appreciated!

Best regards

ok. now have the same Problem without Enhancer and vatsim. There must be another problem.

Basically a good tool. Does anyone use XP Enhancer 1.9.3 with traffic global and / or XPlilot ? 

Since I have never had any problems so far, I suspect that XP enhancer 1.9.3 is somehow causing problems for me due to traffic. Doesn't sound logical, but I can't explain it any other way: I have only reinstalled xp enhancer in the last week. My FPS is always 50 (I have even limited it). I don't use addon sceneries, only Autoortho. The following problems are new for me. 

If I have activated global traffic with traffic or Xpilot, XP freezes 12 times, sometimes 20 seconds, sometimes 2 minutes, at the appproach, on the open "road". 

Then, I have deactivated global traffic in the plugins. No problems. Same situation , no traffic global, but with xpilot, again it freezes irregularly. This Maybe 2-3 times in 30 minutes. Traffic global activated, freezes again. I set the traffic to zero, no problems Does anyone know this or is there a solution. I actually only use XP 12 enhancer because of the darker cockpits and especially with ZIBO. Otherwise I used xvision. However, I have deactivated this at first to prevent conflicts here too. 

Hi, thank you for your kind words! I believe the latest 1.9.4 is offering exactly what you're looking for!

can confirm on multiple browsers download links are not working :<

Interesting comment! I will have a look and re-upload a fresh copy, apologies if there was a mistake in this one

I just gave up on it since I never got it to work. Last time I remember it mentions it needs opensceneryx then it tells me I am still missing additional libraries. Not worth the hassle.

Good afternoon, I have no idea what file this would be, this file is not included in the scenario package.

Windows defender instantly picks up a trojan and removes the file, skeptical :/

Congratulations for this great tool.

I would have a suggestion if I may :

I find anti aliasing parameter (MSAA+FXAA) very effective.

So, in a future version, could you provide this parameter in the rxp-xp12-enhancer.ini file so that one could initialize it to true once for all if desired please?

Nice livery! Could you try making 9V-MBL as well (star alliance livery). Thanks!!

Great aircraft as the Zibo is the best freeware for any sim. But, I noticed I cannot get the Simbrief OFP to load in this version. There wasn't even an option for Airside Services. I highly recommend this aircraft but it should probably be downloaded from the official Google Drive folder.

Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-tdl3VvPeOOYm12Wm80V04wdDQ?resourcekey=0-60kqsHFGKCyHZh1AE37LIw&usp=drive_link