Планер есть-ливреи , установленной-нет. ?????

Great stuff! Highly appreciated !!!

with many errors, the engines fail and the simulator crashes, update

I do not recommend. Causes friezes, braking. The smoothness of the picture is lost. And so the idea is good.

Mister Frezemany your script does not work in the latest version. 

He worked on the first version. 

Now the developers do not give the opportunity to change the folder to version 12. 

If a person does not have version xplane11, he will not launch the organizer, 

at the first start he will need to specify the path to version xplane12

Thank you for the feedback, the issue is now identified and an update is almost ready!

Copy the ITC Jetway Sounds folder to your Flywithlua/Scripts folder.

In X Plane, bind a key to "ITC Jetway" in the keybind menu. Note they only activate default jetways. SAM and Autogate jetways are automatic.

with this last update the plugin window at startup is blank. the 1.2 works fine!

How do I install ITC JETWAY SOUNDS into xplane 12. Thanks

It is you need to install the a350-1000 for xp12 properly and use the plane maker

Please read and follow the Zibo Install guide then you will be fine. The support forum link is n the original post as well.

I have Le Reunion and i will upload this and others in a few days. But it is really big. So i think it will be three different uploads. One for the north and two or three for the south.

This adds a breath of fresh air to the sim - love it.

thank you if you have another FMEE TFFR TFFF I'm a taker

Hi, some gates have two jetways as in real life. Could you please confirm the number of the stand?

Thank you so very much for your nice work!

Amazing free airport. I am having some issues. I am having two jet ways on the same gate. Probably my fault.

thank you

is nice to have all the engines in one acf file

Now we need all the engine sound

I mean the GE CF6 sound, the RR sound and the PW sound

Thats actually on the version with GE engines, but at some point i might

could you add one with thai pink logo on winglets too? The latest update on this plane

super et merci!

par contre, pour faire encore plus pro il faudra penser à mettre un numero d'immatriculation -même fictionnel.

A ma grande surprise, je viens de voir que Air France n'a aucun B737-800 dans sa flotte actuelle! donc c'est au choix. Et ta livrée restera fictionnelle, hélas.

you didn't follow instructions most likely, make sure you are using latest beta from steam or laminar installer

If you have downloaded X-Plane 12 through Steam, try saving the files to this location: Click on "View Local Files" for X-Plane 12 in Steam or navigate to the following path: C: Drive > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > X-Plane 12 > Aircraft

You have lied. You said XP12 compatible but it isn't

esta padrisimo, mas aeropuertos de mexico porfaa.... que tal MMSM ?? o Monterrey

I just pushed a new update that does include the default PW engines as well as fixing the blue line on the bulk cargo door.

Thanks very much for the heads up. I just pushed a new update that does include the default PW engines as well as fixing the blue line on the bulk cargo door.

It still works. You will need to point the xorganizer to the tool instead of XP11. Read the instructions please.

This is garbage. You can't even boot into the aircraft. Do some troubleshooting and try loading this aircraft on different types of PC's before you go publishing them. You got me really happy thinking I could fly an updated Zibo in Xplane 12, so I'm very bummed.

ITC Light Mod does not change X Plane sky colors unless you're using the day/atmosphere or ozone sliders.

If you want to change only the night lighting, use the Lighting Controls and don't make changes to the day/atmosphere or ozone.

Is there is a way to not change the skycolors?

I really love the lights in this tweak but I prefer the default xp12 sky colors at dawn or dusk. is it possible to only edit the night lights without changing the skycolors?

That's a typical russian way to make things much worse than they are. 😉

I wonder, if they use Lenin's or Stalin's face liveries tgthr with the newest Dreamliners... Oh, stop, I forgot: they don't use at all. 😀

Guys, log the issues on the forum, I cannot help you here.

It says to use the LEAP engines on the model, yet this plane is supposed to have PW engines. Missing that texture.

I thought I was the only one, I have 3 major problems-

1) gets stuck on done with pre-loading)

2) gets stuck on the fmc performance page which weirdly enough happens most of the time in Mexico country

3) mid flight it gets stuck and freezes

Silly me, the button is set in XP12 settings, doh!

No worries. Sometimes I forgot to check here every once in a while lol.

Very happy you got it sorted! If you're willing, may I ask how you were able to fix it? That way if someone has the same question we know what to do in the future. Thanks!

Отключите Windows, аппаратное ускорение графики или начните сначала с C172, а затем переключитесь на мод Zibo.